Colleges need to test for Covid-19 frequently to keep campuses open this fall, study says

August 27, 2020 | Lauren Klosinski

According to a recent study, if college campuses want to remain open this fall, it may take frequent screening of college students.

This article from CNN Health details results from a study which showed that screening college students every two days — even with a low-quality test catching 70% of positive Covid-19 cases — is a cost-effective regimen, estimated to keep infections at a more controllable number than screening weekly with a higher-quality test.

With students starting or returning to college this fall, there are more challenges than ever in the wake of health, safety, and financial concerns resulting from COVID-19. 

Beside frequent testing for the virus, there are likely to be many other changes to campus life. The Hellenic Hearts Educational Guidance Program (EGP) is monitoring the situation closely and working to adapt our services and events to continue to provide guidance and support to Hellenic American Youth and their families.

To learn more about EGP and how we can help, visit our website, or contact us at

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