Hellenic Hearts Educational Guidance Program

The Hellenic Hearts Educational Guidance Program provides education-to-career guidance to Hellenic American Youth through mentoring, networking, admissions counseling, and professionalism programs, with the goal of promoting higher education and increasing professional success.

New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building New York Public Library - Stephen A Schwarzman Building. Photo by Davide Cantelli.

Table of Contents

  1. EGP Overview
  2. Annual College Fair & Mentoring Event
  3. FREE SAT Program
  4. College Admissions Workshop
  5. HH 2018 Class
  6. Volunteer Opportunities
  7. Events
  8. Scholarship Application

Our Goals

  • To make the collective experience and resources of the Hellenic-American community accessible to its youth.
  • To support and counsel the Hellenic-American youth in achieving their educational and professional aspirations.
  • To create an environment that builds confidence in our Hellenic-American youth so that they may reach whatever academic and professional goals they desire.
  • To provide a path to career success to students of all means and education levels.
  • To assist students of all backgrounds in implementing habits of success, professionalism, network development and community building.
  • To continue and reinforce the cycle of giving established by the Hellenic-American community.

EGP Members

EGP is a volunteer-based program. It does not exist without the devotion of its members and volunteers. Members are individuals who contribute at least 10 hours a month to the organization, though most contribute significantly more.

To become a member, you must first join our organization as a volunteer. Volunteers are individuals who would like to contribute to the EGP cause, but cannot commit more than 10 hours a month to the organization. Volunteers are vital to the success of our program. Some tasks that you may join on a volunteer basis include: mentorship, career planning, professional development, event assistance (cleaning, organizing, monitoring), content production (blogging), and marketing.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at egp@hellenichearts.org.

Our Members

  • Louie Karapanagiotides
  • Amanda Christoforidis
  • Katrina Christoforidis
  • Lee Christoforidis
  • Evan Ginis
  • Haroula Ginis
  • Christina Karapalides
  • Evan Karapanagiotides
  • Steph Karas
  • Stefania Mancino
  • Andriana Mylonas
  • Peter Nikolos
  • Hope Pappas
  • Pauline Toboulidis
  • Chris Voutsakis
  • Christina Nikolos
  • Vanessa Constantinidis