EGP Free SAT Program

Enrollment for the Hellenic Hearts Class of 2018 is now closed.

Given how competitive the college admissions process has become, prep courses have gone from being a perk to a must-have. The benefits from an academic standpoint are clear, but they can also be expensive with the average SAT prep course costing $1,500 per student.

The purpose of this group program is to provide access to students who need assistance preparing for the SAT but may not be able to afford to enroll in a prep course individually.

Hellenic Hearts EGP SAT Prep Course Hellenic Hearts EGP SAT Prep Course

Sponsored by the Hellenic Hearts, EGP organizes a group SAT prep course (Princeton Review) for rising high school juniors and seniors. This summer 11-week Princeton Review prep course includes four practice test days and 10 class sessions. Classes begin at the end of July and conclude less than two weeks before the October SAT test day.

In exchange for free access to SAT tutoring, students are required to support their commitment to their academic excellence and to give back to the community by participating in volunteering events and attending college tours throughout the summer.

Students interested in joining this free SAT prep course must complete an online application.

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